Nape Nl Collective Agreement

Earle is aware of these issues, but says there are ways the province can help forward workers in a new collective agreement. The interim agreements apply to the following NAPE bargaining units: Air Services, CNA Faculty, CNA Support Staff, Correctional Officers, General Service, Group Homes, Health Professionals, Hospital Support Staff, Laboratory X-Ray, Marine Services, Maintenance and Operational Services (MOS), Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC), School Boards, Student Assistants, Ushers and WorkplaceNL. “This agreement will provide the province and the public sector with much-needed stability,” NAPE President Jerry Earle said in a union statement. NAPE will present these preliminary agreements to accession in the coming weeks and expects the ratification process to be completed in early 2020. “During this round of negotiations, we made a significant contribution to this province in the last round of negotiations,” Earle said in an interview with reporters after delivering a keynote address thursday morning. “We didn`t create the problem. … Every Newfoundlander and Labradorian has seen the cost of living rise, as have our members working in the public sector. What is our message – and we cannot predict what will happen in collective bargaining – is the status quo that we will not accept. “Home care is at a very critical time,” Earle said. “We were in conciliation. We have 27 agents to negotiate. There are 20 that we have met in conciliation.

Employers simply did not take the bargaining committee seriously, so we are very concerned. We asked for a written report. … At the end of the day, we will consult with our members if we do not reach a collective agreement. They offer invaluable service, and they are primarily women – more than 95 per cent. I think there`s a way. Behind the scenes, there were a few conversations we had. I think we can find a resolution. Jerry Earle is now approaching the next round of collective bargaining in the public sector, saying the NAPE is preparing not to accept the status quo of the minority Liberal government. Bottom are the links to collective agreements at Memorial. For more information on these collective agreements, please contact [email protected] 51 collective agreements in the last two years, only one work action, workers have been blocked in the Paradise City. Earle says NAPE is willing to negotiate, fight and win. In recent years, the provincial government has faced fiscal challenges largely related to lower oil prices and rising service delivery costs, particularly in the health sector. The province is working with deficit budgets and its net debt is increasing. In recent times, pay cuts have been a common feature of NAPE-government agreements.