Service Level Agreement Server Hosting

All services in our network are monitored 24 hours a day to detect possible performance problems. As a result, our service offering is generally at an extremely high level. There are many factors that can affect the performance of a particular service, i.e. software used, excessive traffic or denial-of-service attacks, Internet connection speeds, the use of a service in such a way that it is not designed. As a result, service, speed or deterioration issues are not covered by ALS. Incident classification applies to central network and customer services that have a support contract and service schedule. It does not apply to shared hosting, application-level issues or outside our central network. Please note that ClientsFirst offers several hosting packages offering different levels of support to developers. For example, in the standard hosting package, developer support (by phone and email) is limited to the design/functionality bug fixes developed by ClientFirst.

Requests for assistance that do not relate to site maintenance and corrections are billed at our standard hourly rate. Customers in the support pack (or higher) receive 1 hour of developer support each month, which can be used if necessary for more complete site extensions and feature updates. Network Dynamics` mission is to provide its customers with services as a standard of excellence that corresponds to best practices in the IT hosting industry. Network Dynamics` goal is to achieve 100% service availability for all services provided to customers and to use a fully redundant network, enterprise grade switch, routing, firewall and server technology to achieve this goal to the best of its ability. b) surveillance. To verify that the server is available, the company uses the HTTP service on the server by collecting HTTP headers every 5 minutes with a 30-second threshold. If an HTTP service does not respond, the server is considered non-operational and automatically restarted. If the problem is not fixed by restarting the server, it will be immediately degenerated into a support center. (a) availability of application servers.

If a server`s availability for the month is below the guaranteed level, the company reimburses the customer for a portion of the monthly fee charged for the month in which such a server availability loss occurred: the company uses sophisticated RAID techniques to ensure the integrity of the data on its servers and the data is written simultaneously on two hard drives to avoid data loss in the event of a hardware outage. The company reserves the right to place accounts on non-RAID servers if necessary. Routine fuses are only performed for emergency restoration purposes. THE COMPANY IS NOT THE CUSTOMER`S ON-DEMAND DATA. Web server protocol files are not included in backups and cannot be restored while the server is being restored. In this section, ALS discusses how parties monitor and control performance levels. Typically, it includes gathering information, producing statistical reports, how these reports should be prepared, and how clients can access it. This is a crucial component because it will tell you how well or how bad the supplier is in delivering on its promises.

Our support team is available via email, chat and phone. You can view our availability using the following table: Credit applications should be sent to hostForWeb`s website™ by email to [email protected]