United Utilities Build Over Agreement Form

If you live in an area where LABC does not use the protocol (Cumbria, High Peak and Tameside) or if your certified inspector has not signed up for our protocol, contact us directly via our “Build over enquiry form” (PDF 576 KB will be opened in a new window). This should be [email protected] If you need more information, our bau-ber-un-kanalfehrer (PDF 576 KB opens in a new window) will give you all the help you need to complete the application form. If a building or extension is less than 3 m from the middle line of a sewer pipe, and if the pipe is less than 225 mm in diameter, or if the bottom of the pipe is less than 3 m deep below the ground, Manchester Building Control has obtained from United Utilities the authority to approve the sewers, provided that the protection measures provided in the building code are respected and that the work is inspected by the Council`s surveyors. If a building or extension is located more than 3m from the middle line of a sewer pipe and the sewer pipe is more than 225 mm in diameter or if the depth of the sub-tube is more than 3 m below the ground, you must obtain a construction agreement from United Utilities before construction begins. When a developer works with building control, the inspector checks where a buildover may be needed. If they are satisfied with the proposals and this meets our criteria, they will approve it on our behalf and the developer will not have to contact us for further permissions. If you sell your property, we will know that the sewers/drain have been built and that the work corresponds to our agreement. On request, we will confirm this information to individuals or mortgage lenders acting on behalf of a potential buyer. There are certain circumstances in which we must agree on a formal building over agreement. It is a legal document that is put in place to protect sewers/sewers and allows us to access the pipe in case of a problem. For more information about construction via a public channel, contact us at [email protected] When planning your extension, you should check if there are any sewers you want to build in, we can help you and advise you on how to deal with them.

If the proposed construction requires not to fit into our criteria or if the inspector has doubts about the proposals, they will cause us to degenerate so that we can speak directly to the developer to give advice and agree on the next steps. Following extensive discussions between United Utilities and the ten local authorities in greater Manchester, a system has been put in place to ensure that the effects of this change do not unduly affect the smooth running of your project. Applications for non-national premises should normally take the form of a request for full plans.