What Is International Agreements About The Use Of Tropical Hardwoods

Ecotourism, nature protection and education Preservation is entirely dedicated to the protection, conservation, management or restoration of tropical forests and the ecological communities that inhabit them. In this case, conservation would endeavour to manage the human use of natural resources in tropical forests for sustainable social and economic exploitation. These include the Amazon Protected Areas Programme (ARPA), in which WWF works with the Brazilian government to protect the parks of 150 million hectares of forest. Another sustainable use is the development of ecotourism. Ecotourism is environmentally friendly tourism, where; The people involved strive to protect the environment as much as possible – there is visitor training – part of the profits go back to the preservation of the rainforest-environment – tourism is small with a low density of visitors – Local people are busy and involved Below is an ecotourism lodge where excursions through the Amazon rainforest take place. The tourist stay in the wooden chalets, there is a limited current, waste is treated on site and food is purchased on site. All guides are local. Fortunately, there are things we can do to sustainably manage tropical forests and minimize the amount of destruction that occurs there: there are also international agreements on the use of tropical hardwoods and logging. The International Tropical Forest Agreement was established in 2006 to “promote the expansion and diversification of international trade in tropical forests from sustainably managed and legally harvested forests and to promote the sustainable management of tropical forests that produce wood.” 71 countries have signed the agreement promoted by the United Nations. b) International agreements – The rainforest provides wood for furniture and is in high demand because of its good quality. This is why many international agreements ensure that the countries concerned completely ban the trade in hardwoods. International agreements on the application of tropical wood – tropical hardwoods such as mahogany are in high demand in rich countries to make furniture. This high demand leads to an increase in illegal deforestation.

To overcome these international agreements, there is a restriction of wood that does not come from a sustainable source imported into the countries. FSC is an example. The Forest Stewardship Council buys sustainable wood and identifies these products with their logo so that traders know that the wood is being purchased sustainably. Awareness of climate change and its effects is important. We humans need to understand that it is our responsibility to protect the environment in which we live. Residents, politicians and businessmen must contribute to the protection of tropical forests. Only awareness of the negative effects of deforestation and climate change can lead to positive changes in people`s thinking. The destruction of tropical forests – Kalimantan, Indonesia and Costa Rica has) Reforestation – This is only planting trees to replace deforestation.