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The Next Generation of Technology Solutions “BTAMSC”, Banking Technologies Asia MSC {estd.2001}; is a Independent Think Tank, Fintech and Big Data company.  We Collaborate, Incubate, Co-Invest and define strategic value creating ventures. Physically headquartered in Malaysia and Portugal, We service worldwide.

Joint Venture Opportunities; bidlease-domain-brokersCloud based solution, SocialNetwork platform, Alternative News Media,, P2P+Merchant Solutions, Virtual and Social Gifting, Ebooks Magazine Store, Expats community site,, Free online educational platform and virtual office platform 

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Tags: Snapwire Breaking News, Alternative Media, Become a citizen News Reporter.
Upload.Asia File Media Sharing Platform. Music Sharing Platform. Location Based Merchants Discovery Platform – Financial Advisory and Introducing Broker Mom and Baby Ecommerce Store Fashion Ladies Ecommerce Store